Knit Crayola Fringed Robe 1989


This robe reminds me of growing up in the late 80s, when Crayola was King, and lemon yellow, strawberry and periwinkle splashed color across the art room. Wear it for Saturday morning cartoons, or during reruns of Punky Brewster.

We love to transform afghans into robes because the design uses nearly all the original crochet material. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly listings in the shop!!!

This is a S-M fringed sweater with a hood. It hangs from your shoulders, or you can belt it.

Afghan blankets are heritage textiles infused with color, texture and love. Part of our visual culture, crochet patterns evoke nostalgia, comfort, and warmth. Crochet pants are stretchy and comfortable, warm yet breathable, eye-catching and vivid. In the words of one satisfied customer, "they might be the best thing we ever owned!!

One of a kind, handcrafted item produced 100% in the USA Handmade by the designer Lord von Schmitt and modeled by Dylan L Simpson.


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